About Us


In 1989, Sonja decided to earn some money at Christmas by baking her family’s traditional holiday treats and selling at a local craft show.  What started out as a holiday project has grown into a full-fledged baking and confectionary business. Sonja still uses family recipes handed down from her Scandinavian grandmother as well as other tasty, time honored recipes.

 "We make all of our cookies, candies and desserts in small batches in our commercial kitchen in rural North Dakota, using only the best ingredients.  At Sonja’s, our goodies are made with fresh butter, heavy cream and whole roasted nuts." - Sonja

Sonja's Old Fashioned Delicacies has flourished with appearances at the Pride of Dakota (ND businesses) Holiday Showcases held around the state of ND and at craft and street fairs.  The addition of her website, www.sonjasbakeshop.com has allowed Sonja to share her delicacies all over the U.S.


Sonja's Old-Fashioned Delicacies is proudly featured in the following:

Country Woman Magazine, Dec/Jan 09

North Dakota LIVING magazine, Nov 2008

Articles courtesy of Country Woman Magazine (Dec/Jan 09) and North Dakota LIVING magazine